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Designing a larger video distribution system doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking. Whether you need signage, wayfinding, the big game, event messaging or all the above and more, this solution can handle it easily, all in beautiful 4K, with super-low latency. Robust, scalable, and economical. What can deliver all of these benefits? Audio and Video of the IP network with VERSA.
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VERSA-4K Encoders & Decoders


EMCEE200 Video Wall Processor


HIVE Touch Touch Panel & Controller


HIVE NODE IoT Control Interface


HIVE KP8 8-Button Keypad

Gaming & Entertainment Solution


The encoder in the sender (HT-VERSA-4K-S) uses visually lossless compression, which gives pixel perfect quality at the remote end. It can accept HDMI resolutions up to 4K@30Hz, 4:4:4 with HDCP 2.2. It includes a video loop output together with extracted HDMI audio in analog format for maximum flexibility and integration.

VERSA Networked A/V

HT-VERSA-4K is a complete AV over IP solution, which can extend 4K video with one frame latency, USB 2.0, keyboard, mouse, IR, RS-232, and analog audio over a simple Gigabit Ethernet Network. Advanced features include video wall processing to expand and split 4K video onto multiple displays, video rotation and flipping (horizontal and vertical), USB device class filtering for excluding specific USB device types such as USB flash drives, automatic KVM switching, Dynamic Virtual Matrix (DVM) operation, PoE (Power over Ethernet) support, and more. 4K Video & USB over IP in a 1-to-1 setup (one sender to one receiver) does not require external network equipment.


The receiver (HT-VERSA-4K-R) has a built-in scaler that not only supports a video wall up to 16×16, but can also change the orientation of the image. The receiver also includes extracted HDMI analog audio. Two USB ports are dedicated for use with keyboard and mouse (auto-switching based on user activity) and two general purpose USB 2.0 ports that support touch screens and memory devices, along with many other USB device functions.


The Hive Touch is a POE powered All-In-One touch panel that is both a standalone control system and user interface. It has a large 10.1-inch, multi-touch screen that runs our Hive AV App for easy set up and single room control. No special software needs to be installed and everything can be configured quickly right from the panel. No on-premise server, external control system or cloud connection is needed either, as it is all built into the Hive Touch.



The Hive-KP8 is a key component of Hive AV control. Just like the Hive Touch, it is both an All-In-One standalone control system as well as an 8 button User Interface. Each button can be programmed to issue TCP/Telnet/UDP commands to IP-enabled devices on the same network, with activation possible via keypad button presses, the embedded webpage, or through user-programmed day/time schedules.

Buttons are configurable for single command execution with a single press or for launching a series of commands as part of a macro. Additionally, they can repeat a command when pressed and held or toggle between different commands with consecutive presses. Up to 16 macros can be programmed and recalled for sending TCP/Telnet messages or commands to various IP-enabled and IoT systems, including AV distribution, factory automation, security systems, and keypad access controls.

Each button is equipped with two programmable color LEDs, allowing for customization of the on/off state, color, and brightness. The Hive-KP8 can be powered using the included power supply or via PoE (Power over Ethernet) from a compatible LAN network.

Featuring an integrated battery-backed clock/calendar, the Hive-KP8 facilitates command execution based on specific day/time schedules, such as automatically powering off and, on the network,-connected devices each evening and morning, respectively.

HIVE TOUCH All-in-one User Interface & Control System

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The Hive Touch transcends traditional AV control systems by offering a synergistic solution for audiovisual control. This standalone, Power Over Ethernet (POE) powered touch panel not only acts as an independent control system but also serves as an intuitive user interface. With its expansive 10.1-inch multi-touch display, it harnesses the power of the Hive AV App to facilitate easy setup and single-room command, eliminating the need for external software installations. The device stands out for its simplicity, requiring no external control systems, on-premise servers, or cloud connectivity


The Hive AV App, when used with the Versa-4K AVoIP encoders and decoders can create a large matrix switch with IR, RS-232 and CEC control points for displays and sources. When used with the the Hive Node Kits the the control is extended further with Relay control and Sensor Triggers, as well as RS-232 and IR. Hive AV utilizes driverless direct control, over TCP/IP, which gives it the ability to control power and audio for most connected devices. The set-up process was made with integrators in mind, and it is simple to set up and automatically generates the user interface without the need for a graphic designer or control system programmer. The end user has an interface that provides simple control of complex systems. The IT or room technology manager enjoys the uptime of important conference rooms with very low maintenance requirements.


IoT controllers that offer an efficient and compact solution for controlling devices through RS-232, IR, and Relay interfaces via IP. These PoE-powered kits are designed specifically to enhance the capabilities of the Hive Touch control panel and the Hive KP8 control keypad.

EMCEE200 Multiview Presentation Switcher

EMCEE200 is a Multiview presentation switcher with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-Over-Picture (POP) capabilities. It can process up to four 4K@60 video sources with zero latency and offers DUAL HDMI outputs in different window layouts. With a built-in dual MIC mixer and a wide range of Audio Embedding and De-Embedding options, EMCEE is a perfect companion for any type of presentation

Casino Control and Video Distribution System

Keeping the Games Fun & Engaging Guests

Casinos rely on robust control and video distribution systems to ensure fair play, maintain security, and enhance the guest experience. This system typically comprises several key components:

Video & Audio Distribution System


  • High-definition cameras:Capture live footage of gaming floors, entrances, and other key areas for security and surveillance purposes.
  • Video wall displays:Showcase live feeds, promotional content, and entertainment on large video walls throughout the casino.
  • Digital signage:Provides dynamic content like jackpot updates, announcements, and wayfinding information on displays throughout the property.
  • Centralized video management:Allows operators to easily switch between camera feeds, record footage, and manage storage.
Benefits to a Hall Technologies Solution


  • Improved operational efficiency:Provides centralized control over various systems, optimizing operations and reducing costs.
  • Elevated guest experience:Creates an engaging atmosphere with personalized content and dynamic visuals.
  • Transparency and fairness:Ensures game integrity and builds trust with guests.
Additional Considerations

  • Scalability:The system should be able to grow and adapt as the casino expands.
  • Security:Rigorous cybersecurity measures are essential to protect sensitive data and systems.
  • Integration:Seamless integration with other casino systems like loyalty programs and marketing platforms.

Overall, a well-designed control and video distribution system is a vital tool for modern casinos, contributing to safety, efficiency, and an enjoyable guest experience.