Compact, PoE-powered Control Endpoint

A compact, PoE-powered control endpoint, the Hive Relay is a versatile part of our Hive Node Kits. Working in synergy with Hive Touch and Hive KP8 controllers, and alongside the Hive Node RS-232 and Hive Node IR, it forms an integral part of a comprehensive AV control ecosystem.

  • Flexible relay combinations and adaptable sensor modes with 4 Relay outputs and 4 sensor inputs with LED indicators
  • POE powered and compact, easily concealable, and mountable design
  • Intuitive setup and configuration via web page with relay control via TCP and sensor updates via UDP


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The Hive-Node-Relay is a dynamic, robust addition to our innovative Hive Node Kits lineup. Expertly designed, it offers precise control over a variety of devices, including motorized screens, projector lifts, removable walls, and sensors.

Included in the kit is a PoE-powered Hive-Node-Mini, which effortlessly connects to the adapter through a 3.5mm cable connector. The adapter is equipped with four relay outputs and four sensor inputs, all accompanied by LED indicators for real-time status monitoring.

The Hive-Node-Relay simplifies the installation process with its easy-to-use push and release terminals. Its four relays can function standalone or in parallel configurations, further enhancing its adaptability. Additionally, the sensors can be set in either voltage or contact closure sense modes, showcasing its versatility.

Designed to natively integrate with the Hive Touch control panel and Hive KP8 control keypad, the Hive-Node-Relay doesn't require an additional power supply. It can also pair with the Hive-Node-RS-232 and/or Hive-Node-IR for a comprehensive solution to controlling projectors, lifts, and motorized screens.

Its compact form factor ensures easy concealment, whether it's mounted in a rack or installed near a screen. The relay control utilizes TCP commands, and sensor states are broadcast via UDP, providing a streamlined, efficient solution for automation, data collection, and control applications.

No matter the scale of your project, the Hive-Node-Relay stands as a versatile and scalable solution, a testament to our commitment to user-friendly, innovative design.


  • 4 Relay outputs and 4 sensor inputs with LED indicators
  • Simple push/release terminals for quick installation
  • Flexible relay combinations set easily with wire jumpers
  • Voltage or contact closure sense modes for sensors
  • PoE-powered; No additional power supply required
  • Works natively with the Hive Touch and Hive KP8
  • When paired with the the Hive-Node-RS-232 and/or Hive-Node-IR it is a powerful control solution
  • Compact form factor – easily concealable and mounts onto any surface via a convenient mounting dock
  • Easy setup and configuration via the device Web Page
  • Push-in terminal blocks for relay and sensor connections
  • Relay control via TCP commands and sensor state broadcast via UDP
  • Made for a wide range of applications and scalable to suit diverse needs
Relay Outputs

4 Integrated SPST relays with transient voltage suppression and easy push release terminal blocks

Relay Outputs

24V AC/DC or 500mA N.O. contact relays

Relay Configurations

Single Pole Single Throw (SPSP)

Relay Configurations

Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)

Relay Configurations

Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)

Sensor Inputs

4 configurable inputs

Sensor Inputs

Voltage or contact closure sense modes

Voltage Sense Mode

Sense AC/DC voltages ±3V (RMS) to ±24V (RMS)

Contact Closure Mode

Sense contact closure from input from devices or feedback from external relays


3.5mm four conductor jack to HIVE-NODE-MINI


4 easy push four terminal blocks for relay and sensor connections


16 hardware jumpers included


4.5 ft (1.5m) cable

Dimensions (L x W x H)

82.3mm x 50.8mm x 22.86mm (3.24” x 2” x 0.9”)

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