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Introducing the Hive Family: Revolutionizing AV Control

Mar 14, 2024 | Featured Post1

In the dynamic landscape of audiovisual (AV) control, innovation is key. Introducing the Hive Family, a trio of cutting-edge products designed to redefine the way we interact with and manage AV systems. Comprising the Hive Touch, Hive KP8, and Hive Nodes, this family represents the pinnacle of versatility, scalability, and user-friendly design.

Hive Touch:

At the forefront of the Hive Family is the Hive Touch—an All-In-One touch panel that merges the functionality of a standalone system with an intuitive user interface. With a spacious 10.1-inch multi-touch screen powered by PoE, the Hive Touch simplifies setup and facilitates single-room control effortlessly. Equipped with the Hive AV App, it eliminates the need for special software installations, offering a seamless user experience.

The Hive Touch stands out with its self-sufficient design, eliminating dependency on on-premise servers, external control systems, or cloud connections. Integration with Versa-4K AVoIP encoders and decoders via the Hive AV App creates an extensive matrix switch, enabling control over displays and sources through IR, RS-232, and CEC. Paired with Hive Node Kits, the Hive Touch transitions into a pivotal component of the Room Combo feature, managing environments ranging from 2 to 100 rooms with ease.

Hive Nodes:

In the realm of IoT controllers, Hive Nodes lead the charge. Each kit comprises a PoE-powered Hive Node Mini and control adapters (RS232, IR, or Relay), offering a versatile solution for extending the functionality of the Hive AV control platform. Engineered to work with the Hive Touch and Hive KP8, these kits amplify native IP control, streamlining automation, data collection, and control applications.

Scalability is a cornerstone of Hive Node Kits, making them ideal for diverse applications, from small projects to complex setups. Versatility, scalability, and user-friendly design define the essence of Hive Node Kits, reflecting our commitment to innovation.

Hive KP8

Completing the Hive Family is the Hive KP8—a key component of Hive AV control. Operating as both a standalone control system and an 8-button user interface, the Hive KP8 empowers users to issue TCP/Telnet/UDP commands to IP-enabled devices effortlessly. Customizable buttons, programmable macros, and integrated battery-backed clock/calendar enhance functionality, enabling automated command execution based on specific day/time schedules.

With programmable color LEDs and compatibility with PoE, the Hive KP8 offers unparalleled versatility and ease of use in AV control.

The Hive Family represents a paradigm shift in AV control, offering unparalleled versatility, scalability, and user-friendly design. Whether it’s the intuitive interface of the Hive Touch, the empowering capabilities of Hive Nodes, or the versatile control of the Hive KP8, these products redefine the AV control landscape, setting new standards for innovation and excellence.

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