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Why Do Business with Hall Technologies

Jan 25, 2021 | Featured Post1

Hall Technologies (formerly Hall Research) has been a leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative Video over CATx, matrix switchers, scaling, and automation products. As the creators of the device that revolutionized Video over Cat5, the Mini-Cat®, Hall Technologies has risen to prominence in the Audio/Video industry. Our products are used by every major industry in thousands of installations worldwide.

Hall Technologies supplies cutting-edge video distribution, switching, scaling, conversion, and control systems that find extensive application in the following areas:

  • Corporate A/V Presentation Systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Airport Security
  • Broadcast Industry
  • Courtroom Evidence Presentation
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Schools and Training Facilities

This explains who Hall Technologies is but there is much more to the story. The fundamental question is why do business and partner with Hall Technologies? Let’s begin with products.

Like an iceberg, where 2/3rds of it is underneath the surface, so it is with Hall Technologies products. What makes them different?  The answer is control of the entire process. Hall Technologies is not a purveyor of random OEM suppliers from overseas. For the OEM supplied companies out there, the question marks and potential points of failure are in the areas of R&D, engineering, quality components and control, manufacturing, and support. Hall Technologies designs, engineers, researches/develops and manufactures in house. In other words, they control all elements that go into the product that they manufacture, and this ensures you get the best of the best that USA based engineering and manufacturing has to offer. From a product perspective, this translates into products that work out of the box as promised and are reliable. This eliminates the weak links in your AV systems thus reducing your exposure and risk and improving your total cost of ownership. The good news is that the story continues with technical support that is truly world-class.

While having great products is the required price of entry into a market, it is the marketing, sales, and support that is the glue to hold it all together. Under the heading of marketing, this establishes the first bond between Hall Technologies and the customer. This is not just about the messages delivered but also the methods employed. This means having a website with the accurate information necessary to further the decision-making process. This entails providing product images, specifications, drawings, and support avenues with easy access. This means thought leadership and professional development opportunities. Value-added marketing is not only the newest approach but many times the first contact and first impression.

The next area is sales. Unlike bigger manufacturers where a customer is relegated to an anonymous invoice number, Hall Technologies is big enough to meet your needs but small enough to be on a first-name basis with our customers. The customer receives the same attentive level of service, before, during, and yes, after the sale. Our sales people not only know you, but they also know the industry. Internally Hall Technologies is committed to professional development and the continuing education of the entire staff to better understand and serve customers’ needs. The professional sales team is AVIXA CTS certified in ProAV and DSEG certified in digital signage. This raises the level of communication by speaking the same language for those that are experienced and for those who are not, the Hall Technologies sales team can educate, enlighten, and advise.

While product, marketing, and sales are the foundation, it is the added value of technical and design support provided by Hall Technologies that is a big differentiator. First in line is providing AV design support. The sales team and application engineers can help consultants and integrators with designing a system based on their unique projects. We understand the design process isn’t black and white, so our team helps navigate the complexity.

Keeping in mind that one size or type does not fit all, Hall Technologies can customize to fit. With the benefit of in-house USA based engineering, our engineering and manufacturing teams have modified specific products based on unique scenarios. The largest projects sometimes require special AV hardware requirements, and our team can re-engineer a product to fit the needs of a project. We have a dedicated, in-house staff of hardware and software engineers.

As with all technologies, there can be failures. It is how these are addressed that can make all the difference. Hall Technologies reduces failures before the fact by being in control of the entire design and manufacturing process but in those rare occasions where a product malfunctions, our engineers are directly involved in ensuring the root of the problem is addressed and rectified.

A technology company is made up of disparate parts from products to marketing and sales, to support, and operations. In the final analysis, it becomes a matter of who to trust and the reduction of risk. You want and need a partner, not a vendor. A partner knows who you are and what you need and has a demonstrated stake in your continuing success. Suffice it to say, Hall Technologies delivers!

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