ComAlert Kit

ComAlert Wireless Mics, Charging Base Stand, and Wireless Receiver

ComAlert Wireless Microphone System

The Wireless Microphone System Consists of:

  • Wireless Lavalier Microphone with integrated magnetic holder and S.O.S. triggers
  • Wireless Microphone Charging Base
  • Wireless Receiver

The System is for use in conference rooms, class-rooms, or wherever mics or Wireless Lavalier mics are needed. The System can be used with our Apollo HT-TRK1, HT-Gemini, HT-Calipso Video Bar, HT-Odyssey and HT-Ranger systems as well as any system capable of accepting a microphone or USB input. The heart of the system is the ComAlert™ Microphone Controller but the wireless mic system is designed to work as a general purpose wireless Lavalier Mic System and does not need the Microphone controller to function.

Wireless Mic Features:

  • Wireless mic transmit on two different channels, automatically
  • Rechargeable Battery that provides 8 hours of continuous use and can be recharged in about 1 hour
  • Mic Mixing Level is controlled by local mic volume buttons
  • The innovative magnetic lanyard design makes wearing a wireless microphone more friendly and convenient.
  • Wireless range over 100ft, line-of-sight
  • Built in Automatic Range alarm, the microphone will alarm when 100ft away from the receiver
  • Wireless frequency 2.4Ghz
  • Panic button can work with MICBOX to send custom commands to external devices
  • Low audio delay ( ≤50 mS)
  • Support noise reduction and echo cancellation

Base Stand:

  • Can charge two microphones at the same time
  • Has an integrated USB-C Charging Cable that requires a minimum of a 10W USB-C charger
  • Indicator on Charger shows status of charging the Mics
  • Metal Base holds the charger at the correct angle

Wireless Receiver:

  • Power to the receiver comes from the ComAlert™ Controller or a USB-C power adapter if Controller is not used

  • Can simultaneously receive 2 different wireless microphones after each one is paired to the receiver.

  • Provides analog outputs from either mic or a mix of both mics. The mix levels are determined by the wireless mic volume settings on each microphone

  • S.O.S. message is transmitted over the USB-C interface.