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Study Suggests Higher Ed Spending in 2021

Mar 31, 2021 | Featured Post1

AVIXA Study Suggests Higher Ed Spending in 2021


Hall Technologies is a proud member of AVIXA

In a recent report from AVIXA, a noticeable increase in Higher Education EdTech spending was observed. While that sounds great, think of the poor University Tech Managers struggling with current projects, having to outfit educators for all learning models – distance, remote, hybrid, or in-person, and NOW having to ramp up projects too!

At a recent AVIXA Women’s Council Tech Managers Forum, a group of amazing female tech managers from some local DC metro universities spoke of the struggles COVID-19 has had on their schools. We learned that all struggled – whether it was from faculty/staff members being out with COVID-19, challenges getting specific tech inventory, having to find alternative tech inventory, having projects being put on hold, or worse, being pushed up. Another concern was accessibility and the challenge COVID-19 had with regards to distance learning for persons with disabilities. These struggles were discussed at length and were a shared topic for all on the panel.

So how do Tech Managers cope with these struggles and still manage to ensure a good user experience? It goes without saying, but prioritizing projects is a must! When you have stakeholders asking for projects to be ramped up, or placed in a higher priority, it’s best to have some clarity as to which comes first so that you can plan accordingly. Managing these projects is even trickier when staff is out, and you have inventory challenges.

Another overreaching topic during the forum was the challenge of finding tech inventory. Many of the tech managers stated not being able to find inventory of what they typically use, and often, having to find substitutes when inventory was limited or unavailable. That also brought along some struggles as some tech equipment may not work well together. A little-known secret in the AV industry is Hall Technologies can help with new and/or upgrading existing AV designs to ensure all the AV hardware in a classroom is compatible. One solution that could help in this scenario is Hall’s Legacy Smart Classroom Solution. Adding new technology to current classroom technology is a snap when you use this solution. The ease of technology with this system lets you use current equipment, and add new tech as needed to increase engagement in the classroom and at home.

Education Illustration

Academic students, researchers, and professors all benefit from the connection and collaboration audiovisual (AV) EdTech creates regardless of being online/remote or in-class.

With digital transformation, learning is also more accessible in lecture halls, and classrooms. Cutting-edge instructional technologies being introduced in the classroom are making strides towards accessibility for persons with disabilities. Tools like videoconferencing and other virtual resources are also enhancing their products as demands for accessibility arose during COVID-19. With all this going on, it’s no wonder why spending is up in the Higher Education vertical. Let’s hope the new normal offers the same, but with fewer struggles.

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Written By: Brandy Alvarado

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