Smart Interactive Classroom

Connect and collaborate with ease with this small classroom solution offering superb audio and simplified collaboration for educators. The Smart Interactive Classroom system was designed with simplicity in mind for all types of classroom scenarios – whether in-person, hybrid, or distance learning, we’ve got you supported. Typically, interactive classrooms require video and USB extended from the instructor’s PC to an interactive display. Classrooms also need audio from the instructor’s PC to the classroom wall mount or ceiling speakers. Standardizing technology at a school allows for a better experience for instructors and students.

Keeping students engaged virtually, and in-person is one of the most cited challenges of learning. Educators need to present lessons on whiteboards to students and need a simple solution to allow students to see that dynamic content presented from any wired device and deliver it with high-quality audio as well. School district’s budgets are tight, and upgrading technology needs to be considered along with enhancing the learning experience equally. To encourage collaboration and the learning experience, we must outfit Educators with modern technology that captivates students, keeps campuses safe, and lets teachers control their classrooms with ease. It needs to be simple to use without any programming required or technical assistance. Learn more about Hall’s Smart Interactive Classroom solutions.

Schools have limited budgets and teachers like what already works well. Hall’s solutions give them the best of both worlds – new technology at an affordable price point. Hall’s Smart Interactive Classroom was designed with teachers in mind. Educators need the ability to present lessons without limitations, and with simplicity. This solution offers both and is ideal for all types of classroom settings with an easy-to-understand user interface. Smart Classrooms require both 4K HDMI and VGA video sources along with new interactive whiteboard displays. By utilizing both the legacy VGA source while embracing the newer technologies, Hall’s products offer the most affordable and complete solution for classrooms of all sizes.

Block Diagram
Smart Interactive Classroom Solution Block Diagram

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