Small Huddle Room

This solution is designed for small huddle rooms that do not require video extension. Support for both legacy sources as well as 4K content guarantees everyone looks their best, and nobody is left out of the meeting. A remote keypad and RS-232 control keep the focus on the meeting – not on searching for the TV remote.


As many businesses adopted more open layouts in recent years, the need for a new type of collaboration space emerged – small, simple rooms that encouraged active collaboration between smaller teams, but could be discreet when required. Designing multiple huddle rooms rather than one large conference room means more teams can have more meetings, increasing efficiency in the office. The challenge for these huddle rooms is to keep meetings engaging and to keep the operation simple for anyone to walk in and use.


Hall’s SC-3H multi-input switch offers the best of both worlds – legacy support for existing equipment that still works well, as well as 4K HDMI support for newer devices. Inputs can be selected manually or set to automatically change based on priority. The local audio output is amplified, and a remote user interface keypad simplifies user operation. RS-232 commands are programmed into the switch, allowing the remote keypad to be the single point of control for both the switch and TV.

Block Diagram

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