Patient Monitoring

Real-time remote monitoring provides healthcare workers with vital information required to care for patients in a hospital. This solution is designed for modern digital patient monitoring systems, to provide real-time information wherever it is needed.


As patient monitoring systems have evolved, the ability to monitor more patients has pushed display resolutions beyond the capabilities of analog systems. Additional remote stations may be required for monitoring at a second location. Dual displays are required, and additional control signals may need to be extended. The unique needs of the healthcare industry require a unique solution to provide the best care possible.


The GEM-EX was designed around the needs of hospitals. Dual HDMI inputs, USB, and RS-232 control are extended over a single UTP to a remote location up to 100m away. Analog audio output is provided for connection to a separate audio system. Additional remote stations are easily added by connecting to the loop out UTP ports on either sender or receiver. An UTLRA-V-R receiver can also be connected to the UTP output ports to display video only. Local HDMI and USB ports at the sender are provided for a console or KVM switch.

Block Diagram
Healthcare Block Diagram AV Solution

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