Multi-Display Conference Room

This solution is designed for medium to large conference rooms, where multiple presenters and multiple displays are needed. 4K video, amplified audio, and a simple control panel interface ensures meetings are both seen and heard with unparalleled clarity.


Businesses understand the value and importance of adaptability. Traditional conference room solutions have often ignored the changing needs of this workspace from day to day, or even from one meeting to the next. As 4K displays continue to grow larger and more affordable, larger rooms have been able to leverage this technology by installing multiple panels to deliver greater, more engaging experiences. However, not all conference rooms are alike, and not all meetings are alike either. A larger conference room needs to prioritize both high-quality A/V, as well as the ability to adjust to the needs of the presenters.


Building this solution around Hall’s HSM-44BX 4K HDMI matrix switch ensures maximum flexibility, and the integrated HDBaseT extension delivers crisp, clear video without sacrificing quality or introducing video latency. Video routing can easily be changed to show the same content on multiple displays or different content on each display – all at the touch of a button. Remotely positioned sources are easily connected to the matrix with Hall’s Javelin HDMI hybrid cables. Audio de-embedding built into the matrix allows for easy amplification, and it is all controlled via the matrix’s front panel, a simple wall-mounted control panel, or through the web.

Block Diagram
Multi-Display Conference Room Block Diagram

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