Mixed Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage attracts, informs, and engages its audience. The types of signage required in a single environment can be varied, and the needs may change over time. This solution showcases the freedom to design a beautiful 4K digital signage solution that is both robust and scalable regardless of the application.


Whether it’s a static display, a video wall, or an interactive panel, digital signage takes many forms, and no two systems are alike. Traditionally, these applications required separate solutions, which had limited or no scalability and zero interoperability. Creating a dynamic, high-resolution video distribution system that can be easily expanded and reconfigured to suit any need means the system will not be made obsolete by future requirements.


Hall’s VERSA-4K extenders deliver stunning digital signage in any configuration. Using an economical Gigabit LAN, VERSA senders and receivers come together to create a dynamic virtual matrix, capable of delivering HDMI video up to 4K anywhere across the network. The VERSA’s built-in video wall processor allows for customizable video wall displays, from 2×2 up to 16×16. Bidirectional IR and RS-232 are used to remotely control sources and displays. Super-low video latency and USB extension give further flexibility to create responsive interactive displays or give full remote KVM access for IT departments. A CNT-IP-264 provides web-based control over signal routing from any web-enabled device.

Block Diagram
Block Diagram of our Mixed Solution

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