Legacy Smart Classroom

Use the technology you have, and add new technology as needed with Legacy Smart Classroom. The ease of technology with this system lets you use current equipment, and add new tech as needed to increase engagement in the classroom and at home – and all at a reasonable price. The entire system is a simple plug-and-play and is compatible with both PC and MAC’s with no driver installation required.

Some educators feel overwhelmed with the abundance of devices, software, and other technology resources available. Schools have limited budgets and teachers like to use what already works well. When a new interactive display with 4K Video and USB needed to be integrated into a large classroom space with extension, the technology needed an upgrade as well. This powerful classroom solution can utilize legacy equipment sources while embracing the newer technologies needed for a complete solution. This allows educators to explore the new technology and add it to their toolkit to complement their teaching approach. Legacy Classroom gives them the best of both worlds, and room to grow.

Our Legacy Classroom system helps keep students in the classroom and at home engaged. It’s an affordable and less-disruptive way to utilize current technology and add new equipment as needed. This solution works with all class sizes and is ideal for budget-minded campuses. This solution provides video and USB extension over a single CAT6 cable and features built-in audio extraction, and the ability to program serial, IR, and I/O ports to control displays or other devices. Integrated IP control is also available for an additional level of security for your campuses.

Block Diagram
Education Legacy AV Solution Block Diagram

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