IMAG (Image Magnification) and Live Streaming Solutions

Hall Technologies offers a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions to enrich your visual and listening worship experience. Whether you’re at home or in the sanctuary, our audio/video products provide a simple, flexible option for live streaming, IMAG (image magnification) and sound reinforcement. With Hall, you have the freedom to utilize existing technology, create a completely new solution and add technology as needed. Our focus is to provide you with outstanding solutions to energize, engage and inspire your worshippers.

Our Javelin HDMI Cables are ideal for churches doing IMAG of the main speaker and/or stage areas. Camera feeds coming from the camera back to the video production switch happen in full resolution and with no latency. The Javelin cables solve this issue by providing 4K60 with no processing (no latency, no compression) back to the production switch for live stream or video capture.

For Houses of Worship requiring a more sophisticated HDMI fiber extension, our FXT-460 is the solution to choose. With its embedding and de-embedding audio extraction, Single or Multi-Mode Fiber capabilities and HDMI loop out, it’s a perfect fit for long fiber cable runs building-to-building, across the campus, or across the city.

In addition, when working with a variety of video sources, the HD-AUD-IO provides flexible extraction and insertion of audio signals – all in one box.

Need to distribute your sermon to other spaces like a crying room or overflow area? Our ECHO-4S and ECHO-8S work great for taking these messages from the primary stage/speaker and distributing them to other connected locations. This solution works well for smaller churches with a low total cost of ownership. The ECHO series of extension products from Hall offers 1, 4, or 8 channels using HDBaseT™ technology for UHD video, high-quality audio, and simplified installations. They were created to allow for a single HDMI 2.0 source to display remotely at up to eight different locations with IR and RS-232 control.

For a cost-effective Video-over-IP solution, we offer the VERSA-4K to extend and switch 4K HDMI and USB data over CAT6 on a simple Gigabit network. The VERSA-4K can be used with new or existing CAT6 cables and can be extended up to 400 feet (210 meters). Familiar, simple-to-use “Channel Up/Down” functionality helps with adoption for non-technical users or volunteers.

Looking for a simple and affordable live streaming solution? With the EMCEE200, you can easily stream sermons, ceremonies, and celebrations in real-time to any streaming platform – Facebook, YouTube, Twitch – you name it. EMCEE200 is a 4×2 multiview matrix switcher with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-Over-Picture (POP) capabilities. It can process up to four 4K@60 video sources and gives “CONFIDENCE” and “PRESENT” HDMI outputs in different windowed layouts. With a built-in dual MIC mixer and a wide range of audio embedding and de-embedding options, EMCEE200 offers a complete audio/video streaming and recording package for any size House of Worship.

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