4K Video & USB Extension System for Point-to-Point or Matrix over IP

  • VERSA-4K-R Main Unit
  • User Manual Card<
  • Wide Band IR Detector (For extension to sender)
  • IR Detector (For video Chn/Group selection)
  • IR Remote Controller
  • Universal Power Supply (Used if there is no PoE)
  • Side Brackets (Can rotate 90° for surface mounting)
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The VERSA-4K provides the means to extend and switch multiple HDMI video and USB data to virtually an unlimited number of receivers on a simple Gigabit network. Bidirectional IR, RS-232, and auxiliary stereo audio can also be extended. Advanced features include, 1 frame (<30ms) latency video and audio, CEC and Serial over IP for control, video wall processor to expand and split 4K video on to multiple screens, video rotation and flipping (horizontal and vertical), USB Device class filtering for excluding specific USB device types such as USB flash drives, automatic KVM switching, Telnet and webGUI control, Dynamic Virtual Matrix™ (DVM) operation, PoE (power over Ethernet) support, and more. 4K Video & USB over IP In a 1-to-1 setup (one Sender to one Receiver) no external network equipment is needed, just connect a Cat6 cable up to 120 meters (400 ft) between the two ends. In a many-to-many setup, a dedicated gigabit network switch (with IGMP and Jumbo-frame support) is required. Each VERSA-4K includes a power supply adapter, however, if the network switch provides PoE, connection of the power adapter is not required. The Sender can accept any HDMI resolution including 4K, 60 Hz 4:4:4 with HDCP 2.2 and it includes an HDMI video loop output together with extracted HDMI audio in analog format for maximum flexibility. The Receiver also includes extracted HDMI audio output and provides a scaled video output with maximum resolution of 4K, 30 Hz 4:4:4 . There are 4 USB ports available on the Receiver, two dedicated for use with keyboard and mouse (auto switching based on user activity) and two general purpose USB 2.0 port that support touch screens, memory devices, audio capture, and many other USB device functions. Both the Sender and Receiver provide a two-line front panel character-LCD that can be used to easily configure parameters such as IP settings, video multicast channel selection, assignment of device names, and more. Receivers also include an IR remote controller that can be used to easily switch the video among Senders. Free PC GUI is available with many unique and advanced features to ease setup and configuration. The VERSA-4K is perfect for applications such as: Interactive digital signage, KVM extension, virtual matrix switching, USB over LAN extension, and much more.


  • Extend and switch multiple 4K HDMI video and USB on a simple Gigabit LAN
  • Can be used directly (without LAN) for point-to-point HDMI/DVI video, USB 2.0, Audio, IR, and RS232 extension on Cat6
  • 1 frame (<30ms) latency video and audio
  • Video rotation and flipping (horizontal and vertical)
  • User configurable video-wall processor
  • Extends signals up to 120 meters (400 ft)
  • HDMI video loop output on the Sender
  • Extracted HDMI audio in stereo analog format on both Sender and Receiver
  • 4 USB ports on the Receiver, 2 for keyboard and mouse plus 2 general purpose USB 2.0 ports
  • PoE powered. Power supply included for direct point to point extension or if PoE is not available
  • USB Device Class Filtering (to exclude devices like USB flash memory)
  • CEC, IR, and R-232 Serial over IP for control
  • Automatic KVM switching (when more than one receivers are routed to one source)
  • Telnet and integrated Web GUI control
  • Front panel character-LCD for configuration of IP parameters and status indication
  • Receivers include small IR remote controller for switching channels
  • Free PC GUI with advanced features to ease setup and configuration
  • Sender accepts a max resolution of 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 on its input and loop output
  • Receiver outputs a max resolution of 4K 30Hz 4:4:4
  • HDCP2.2 and 1.4 compliant

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Manuals Versions Last Updated
VERSA-4K Manual
February 9 FEBRUARY 09, 2023
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January 13 JANUARY 13, 2023
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Version 1.1 FEBRUARY 08, 2023
VERSA-4K IP & Port Usage
February 9 FEBRUARY 09, 2023
VERSA-4K Switch and Network Configurations
1.1 FEBRUARY 13, 2023
VERSA-4K Deployment Guide
1.1 MARCH 29, 2023
Spec Sheets Versions Last Updated
VERSA-4K Spec Sheet
March 1 MARCH 01, 2023



The VERSA-4K system extends and switches multiple 4K HDMI video and USB data to virtually an unlimited number of receivers using simple Gigabit network switches. Bidirectional IR, RS-232, and auxiliary audio can also be extended. Advanced features include low latency, video wall mode to expand the video over multiple displays, video rotation and flipping, IR, CEC and Serial-over-IP for control. The system also offers automatic KVM switching, Telnet and Web GUI control, USB Device Class Filtering, and PoE (power over Ethernet) support.

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