Polaris-1 Simulator

Model Polaris-1 - Smart IP Controller - Simulator

Polaris-1 Simulator

With this simulator you can control and route video from various sources to various displays in different zones in a typical casino.

The Hall Research POLARIS-1 is an IP controller with internal web servers to support up to 32 users simultaneously. The administrator can easily setup various zones (or rooms) inside the casino and assign displays that are in each zone. Display names and video source names can be entered by the user. Administrators can upload layouts or maps for each room in order to aid users in identifying their locations in each zone.

Each user can be assigned the zones that he or she can control. Access to the controller is via any web browser from any smart device (phone, tablet, PC, Mac, etc).

Click on the link and find out how easy it is to interact with the controller. Try clicking on different tabs and use the dropdown list in front of a Receiver to select a different video source for it.

POLARIS-1 Simulator