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Hall Technologies Expands Portfolio with Ranger for BYOD Collaborations

Oct 28, 2022

Ranger is Hall’s answer for creating inclusive meetings and work collaborations 

  • Hall adds Ranger to USB workflow portfolio of products
  • Ranger is compatible with Apple and Android devices for content casting
  • Pairs with our USB-C dongle, Voyager, to allow wireless communication from laptop

Coppell, TX – October 31, 2022 – Hall Technologies, a global AV company specializing in unified communications application, has added Ranger to its portfolio of USB workflow solutions. Ranger is a 4K multiview presentation switcher that can be utilized to simplify collaborations for both the corporate and education sectors. This device can be utilized as a stand-alone product, or an upgrade for any system with wireless casting, 4K and USB-C connectivity.

“Making meetings more inclusive and interactive is really the premise behind Ranger,” says Hall Technologies Vice President of Technology Ken Eagle. “How many meetings have you been involved in that you thought, ‘I wish I could share this info from my iPad/tablet/or other personal device’? Or better yet, ‘I wish I could do this wirelessly!’ With Ranger you can BYOD and cast without any software, or you can connect with HDMI or USB-C inputs for a fluid collaborative experience. Ranger partners with USB workflow solutions in meeting spaces as well as interactive displays in educational environments.”

Ranger is a collaborative presentation switcher that can be useful for meeting rooms and work collaborations. It has three video inputs, HDMI, and USB-C with a maximum input timing of 4K@30Hz 4:4:4. The third input is Wi-Fi casting for Airplay Mirroring and Miracast, so that it can work as a BYOD receiver. This powerful device offers two simultaneous video processing channels, their outputs can be combined into one video signal for sharing Multiview layout on the display. Ranger is compatible with Apple and Android devices to wirelessly share the media, such as videos, images, or music.

For More Information
Ranger is in-stock and shipping now. Be sure to connect with the Hall team for a demo and pricing.

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