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PR-Apollo TRK1 Room Kit Transforms Education and Conferencing

Jun 30, 2022

Dallas, TX – April 19, 2022 – Pro AV manufacturer Hall Technologies announces the launch of their Apollo Technology Room Kit (TRK1). The Apollo TRK1 is a turn-key solution for 4K Smart Classrooms, which complements Hall’s offerings for both the education and corporate verticals. The 3-piece kit delivers enhanced connectivity and control features, while remaining highly intuitive and easy to use. The 3-piece kit is in stock and shipping now.

“Room managers will be impressed by the feature-rich capabilities we built into this system,” says Ken Eagle, VP of Technology for Hall. “For example, room managers can perform mass batch updates rather than doing one room at a time. The app is such a powerful and convenient tool for managing by the room, floor, building or campus. With such robust control features, Apollo TRK1 helps campuses meet Low-E energy requirements to contribute to reduce environmental impacts. It’s also highly intuitive to set up and use.”

The 4K turnkey solution delivers connectivity and control using a Valens VS2010 processor. The feature set accepts four HDMI devices and multiple USB hosts to share power, control audio and video up to 4K@60Hz. Ease of installation and operation delivers powerful tools to IT managers for rapid deployment and management. The ability to broadcast by room, floor, or building provides the highest level of security with capabilities to broadcast emergency messages or announcements, whether in corporate or education campuses.

For more information about the Apollo TRK1 or other products from Hall Technologies, or to request a spec sheet, visit their website at www.halltechav.com/TRK1.

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