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Jan 25, 2021 | Featured Post1

“I’m used to doing it this way!” “I want it my way!” “We’ve always historically done it this way!” Does any of this sound vaguely familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard it from a teenager’s mouth? Or perhaps one of those fast-food chains? Or… could it be from an educator being introduced to a new piece of technology hardware or software? In this scenario, the last is the likely culprit.

In a recent Promethean Study regarding The State of Technology in Education 2020/21, they offer some very interesting stats. You would think that with 95% of all educators using technology in the classroom, adopting new education technologies numbers should follow suit. Sadly, 28% of teachers report not having ample training, and 63% state that they have little to no input on tech upgrades. While 86% of educators agree that technology helps them to do a better job, perhaps the onboarding and strategy of said technology is what is lacking.

An abundance of manufacturers, devices, software, and other technology can leave some educators feeling overwhelmed. Now even more with COVID-19, educators are feeling the strain and have had the additional challenge of even more technology heaped onto them to adopt in a short period of time. Edtech has come into the home and saved the learning experience for students, and for teachers, it was an unexpected curveball that they had to knock out of the park. Teachers notably cite that without technology schools would simply not function. Distance learning has led to new apps, conferencing software adoption, and cloud-based computing for all. Going forward into a hybridized learning model will certainly be slightly easier.

Promethean suggests, “Given classrooms have barely changed in 100 years, there’s an entrenched traditionalism in schools that’s hard to shake. Educators want to use modern technologies more, but updating their existing hardware is proving to be a bigger challenge. A digital-first approach is needed, but it must be effective. Pupils thrive in a classroom environment and there are technologies available to support class-based learning in more ways than it is used.” What if you could have the best of both worlds, and still function in various states of learning – distance, in-person, or a hybridized model?

We feel we have got a winning solution that educators will embrace and allow students the enhanced learning experience they need. Use the technology you have, and add new technology as needed with Hall’s Legacy Classroom Solution. The ease of technology with this system lets you use current equipment, and add new tech as needed to increase engagement in the classroom and at home. Teachers, we heard you! You want a plug-and-play solution that is compatible with both PC’s and MAC’s. Not to worry AV/IT department, we haven’t forgotten about you! Find out how our Legacy Classroom solutions can save on your equipment costs!

By Brandy Alvarado

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