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Jumping into UCC with Both Feet

Mar 19, 2023 | Featured Post1

On March 6th Hal Truax, VP of Sales and Marketing for Hall Technologies, collaborated on a session for LAVNCH Week’s UCC Day called “Enhance Collaborations & Connectivity with UCC.” Here is a recap of the session. You can watch it on demand.

From Hal, “We’ve jumped into UCC with both feet.” As he explains in the session with Megan Dutta, Director of Emerging Markets/Editor-in-Chief, LAVNCH [CODE], Hall is a completely new company. “Our evolution involves a rebranded company, lots of new staff members all around the globe, and we’ve launched over 20+ products over the last year.”

Hal goes on to explain that “The pain points we see most often is that of tying new technology into legacy equipment. Hall has developed solutions to conquer that challenge over the last few years, as well as developed systems where UCC meetings can be intuitive and easy to use. Meeting equity, inclusion, and parity are all carefully considered to create the best UX (user-experience). We’ve also created products to set integrators up for success.”

“Typical barriers in UCC environments are who’s connecting, how are they connecting, and where are they connecting from. Another barrier we run into are legacy specs from meeting rooms where it’s literally a cut-and-paste that consultants have been using for years. We need to first listen to what end-users want and then design meetings spaces based on that information.”

At Hall, we use the phrase “cultural usability”- meaning if a system is not intuitive, people will not use it. If conferencing systems are too elaborate, no one uses them. Likewise, many meeting participants want to BYOD and be up and running quickly. That’s why Hall’s developed 1 cable connections.

Another Hall innovation involves a UCC Room Matrix. It’s a matrix that considers room size, and the number of meeting attendees, and then dictates what components are needed. From our WFH Kit for small offices or single users, to medium sized and large conference rooms – we’ve developed an agnostic approach. Our products work well with all types of meeting platforms – Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc, and they are truly simple and easy to use. We can create great meeting parity and experience tailored to the room size and number of participants. We’ve also created flexibility so you can use VGA, USB, HDMI, or wireless cast natively with our products.

Thanks for tuning in and keep your eye out for more on the horizon from Hall Technologies.


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