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eSports and the Education Connection

Mar 19, 2023 | Featured Post1

Ask yourself…what sectors have thrived over the last few years? Amazon, Netflix, Grubhub, Instacart, and other delivery type services certainly have, but what about sports? I know you’re thinking, nope, they’ve got it all wrong. Yes, well, partially… eSports has thrived while traditional sporting events had to adopt new practices during the last few years.

While million-dollar advertising spots dried up early on during the pandemic, eSports sponsorships are at an all-time high according to Grand View Research. So while collegiate sports took a time out, eSports is thriving. Many universities and colleges have started eSports curriculum to develop professional gamers and talent to support their gaming. The rising need for live streaming games, and the demands for spaces for training and competition is driving the need for more robust technology solutions.

When eSports started it was all the rage to have giant LED screens surrounding the audience in gaming arenas. Now the demand has been replaced by the need for better broadcast technology on social media platforms with remote capabilities. EdTech managers design using production technology to livestream the gameplay. Broadcast quality cameras are a must for the audience to view the gamers in real time. Another crucial component is the mic and audio so that the announcer’s commentary and reactions are heard live as well.

We’ve all seen it… the mental breakdown when a gamer loses his mind as his game breaks down mid-winning streak. Lost or bad internet connections are mostly to blame for these immense tantrums. And who can blame them when revenue, awards, and bragging rights are on the line? So, what can be done to alleviate these breakdowns and create a more seamless gaming experience?

University Tech managers are working on developing the infrastructure and the ecosystem to coordinate students’ tournaments. College projects now include high-end training facilities and tournament arenas with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to outfit them. Hall Technologies is poised to help with a bevy of technology solutions aimed towards building a better and more reliable gaming experience. Hall recognizes it’s not just the equipment, but also the collaboration factor for teams to be able to socialize and engage while gaming. Taking gaming events to a virtual model is no easy fete, but with Hall’s collaboration tools geared towards educators and students, we can take the gaming experience to the next level of interactivity.

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